10 Years of Mutual Ministry

Pastor Ben Swanson preaching

Stephanie Bloom Photography

The calendar says I’ve been your pastor for 10 years. Jodi and I have a saying, “Five minutes forever.” We use it for things that seem like they only just started but also seem like they have always been going on.

Wasn’t it yesterday that you called me to serve with you? I can hardly remember not being with you. It’s been “five minutes forever.”

Our church would have been categorized “At Risk” 10 years ago. This meant that without major change, our church would close. We agreed to attempt turning things around together, and we did.

It took longer than anticipated. It cost more hours and more money than we expected. But today, our church is unified, vibrant, serving and growing.

Over the last 10 years we’ve said, “See you later” to many pillars of the church and we have grown up a new generation of pillars. We’ve joined many couples in marriage and seen the birth of countless children.

I’ve supported you through your surgeries and sicknesses, just as you supported me though a season of illness culminating in sinus surgery.

I’m proud of our church. I’m proud of our community with Christ and each other. I’m thankful for the way God has given us a new chapter of life, and I look forward to moving forward with you into the future.


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