10,000 Foot View

10,000 foot view


At our Annual Meeting, the Leadership Team asked me to give a 10,000 foot view of the church. They asked me to present what I see from my vantage point. Here is an outline of what I am seeing:

I see a group of people genuinely attempting to live Christian lives. Thoughtful people gather here and do not place their trust in pat answers, bumper sticker theology, or wishful thinking. We see God as a mystery to both wrestle with and embrace.

I see parents loving their kids tenderly and disciplining them carefully. I see adults loving the children gathering here unconditionally. I see kids growing up knowing God loves them and beginning a lifelong relationship with God through Christ.

I see a group of us meeting every Sunday to worship and interact with God and each other. I see others only coming once in a while.

I see a group of people giving significant portions of their income to the functioning of this community and its outreach. I see room for growth in generosity.

I see a general lack of concern for the numerical growth of our congregation. This is a problem. We are 100% programmed to double in size and multiply our impact many times over. Our group of 100 or so people fully funds a ministry that without changing much could easily serve 200.

Any new resources coming in through this growth (volunteer hours, skills, abilities and money) could be used to impact the world for God’s glory. I dream of a budget in which 50% of our income (money and time) goes out the door to benefit other people. At this point in our life together, our ability to become more generous as a group depends on our ability to grow.


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