A Challenge for Lent: The Gospel of John

lent reading

In the days before Easter it is often spiritually helpful to engage in various spiritual exercises to help us draw nearer to Jesus and consider all that he has done for us. The cross and the empty tomb stand as a constant encouragement and reminder of the victory Christ has won for us. It is good to continually reflect and meditate upon his suffering and triumph. This focuses our thoughts and lives upon what matters most, the Kingdom of our God.

In preparation for Easter 2019, I am challenging us at Mercy Commons Covenant Church to read the Gospel of John over the course of the first 21 days of April, finishing on Easter with the resurrection and post resurrection appearances that reveal Jesus alive forevermore!

There are several ways to join in our Gospel of John reading. You can simply read a chapter a day for the 21 days, or if you would like more structure, you can follow the Thru the Bible – Gospel of John 21-day study with the “YouVersion” app on your phone/tablet or computer. It is a 21-day Bible reading with devotional thoughts from the Bible Teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

Either way, if you commit some time to this discipline over the course of the three weeks preceding Easter, you will find spiritual rewards and life benefits through God’s word soaking into your heart.

We also will be setting up a comments and reflections page on Facebook so we can share this Gospel reading together as a community of faith.

May God use our time in his Word to build his truth and love deeper into our hearts!


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