A Place of Rest

Mercy Commons sanctuary

Stephanie Bloom Photography

I really don’t care if you fall asleep in church—especially if it’s during the sermon.

Jodi and I used to decide whether or not to go to church on Sunday morning. These days I have to attend. We started our married life in Southern California where I studied at Fuller Seminary. We would wake up on Sundays and ask each other, “Should we go to church today?”

The main thing we considered was how much energy we had. She worked full time and I studied hard. Sometimes we just wanted to rest. I never thought of church as being a place of rest and refreshment.

Our lives are full of activity, movement, striving and action. What if instead of seeing church attendance as “one more thing we do,” we looked at it as “a season of rest.” Come and sleep. Come and be anti-social. Come and be.

There are no quizzes after worship. I can’t remember my sermon from last month either. However, I know you and I are better for having been together. I trust this because I have experienced spiritual growth, and I see the spiritual growth most frequently in those of you who attend regularly.

Show up grumpy. Show up sad, angry, disappointed or tired. Come as you are. Church is certainly a hospital for sinners, but it can also be an oasis for the tired.


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