Being Outrageously Generous

outrageous generosity

Budget. Debt. Retirement. Those words used to fill me with boredom and anxiety, simultaneously. Personal finance to me was something other people worried about, and I was “normal” and “doing just fine”. As a natural spender who is married to a natural saver we had chugged along well enough.

We had purchased two homes, welcomed two kids, and accumulated two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree between us, all equaling a ton of debt. Add to the mix job changes for a better work-life balance, and we were in the red. We knew we made too much money to see it slip away each month and knew that this was not God’s plan for our life. Circumstances aligned to shine light on my lack of knowledge about how to win with money and what God says about money, and Financial Peace University was a lifesaver.

Financial Peace University is a nine-week course that will be hosted by Mercy Commons Covenant Church starting September 12, from 6:30-8 p.m. The course, through Ramsey Solutions, includes a one year membership, which allows access to the course content and a variety of tools and resources.

We have two small kids and weren’t able to find a babysitter for every class, so one of us would go and the other would watch the same video online. The benefit to the in-person class experience is the accountability and helpful discussions that support the teachings.

What I loved most about the class is how it is partly about personal finance, partly a Bible study, and – for us – partly a marriage class, while having research and psychology woven into all parts of the content. This program is beneficial for people at every age, stage, partnered or single, still in school or nearing retirement.

The main areas of focus are financial literacy, home buying, getting out of debt, building savings, insurance, investing and retirement. My favorite class hands-down was the last class – on giving. We learned how to be outrageously generous with our money, the way the Lord intended us to.

Dave Ramsey, the creator of Financial Peace University, has a mission for us all to be stewards of the resources God provided us, and to be able to give crazy amounts of money to those in need. How awesome would it feel to pay an electric bill for a struggling single mom? Or to buy a trunk full of toys for under-privileged kids for Christmas, and to not even worry about the cost?! The thought gives me goose bumps! We are not there yet, but I know following the plan, we will be soon!

To sign up for Financial Peace University, clink on the link below to secure a discounted group rate of $98.99:


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