Can’t Rain on Our Parade

4th of july parade

Jen Biswas

Our annual 4th of July celebration came off a little differently this year. Every year, the church sets up two huge bounce houses on the front lawn, a prime spot on the Edina 4th of July parade route. We are well known for handing out free water, freezies and balloon animals, along with face painting and temporary tattoos. The church also receives many thanks for the complimentary use of our bathrooms.

face paintingThis year just as the festivities were kicking into high gear, an ominous crash of thunder exploded overhead. Parishioners and community members alike poured into the church to escape the torrential rain. Without hesitation, the volunteers from Mercy Commons pulled out toys for the little ones and continued the fun by moving the face painting, tattoos and balloon animals inside.

parade watchingIt was such a joy to see people filling the pews and the fellowship space. Nature took care of one of the biggest challenges to the church – getting people in the doors. It was an honor to provide such a basic need like shelter to our community and a great reminder of the incredible resource we have in our building. It was such a great opportunity to demonstrate the warm welcoming hospitality of our Mercy Commons Covenant Church community.

What could have been a literal wash, turned into a spontaneous indoor party. Once the clouds mostly cleared, the parade started with soggy but smiling faces lining the streets. Our volunteers looked sharp in their new Mercy Commons Covenant t-shirts, doing what they do best on the 4th of July: sharing God’s love through bounce houses and freezies.


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