2020 day planner
January 02, 2020

New Year Renewal

As we settle into the new year, many of us have high hopes for the next twelve months. We make goals for exercise routines, career advancements, water consumption, home organization… you name it, we declare...

outrageous generosity
August 24, 2019

Being Outrageously Generous

Budget. Debt. Retirement. Those words used to fill me with boredom and anxiety, simultaneously. Personal finance to me was something other people worried about, and I was “normal” and “doing just fine”. As a natural...

big swing
August 16, 2019

Me and We

Like a pack of huskies connected to the bridle of a sled, a group of men, women and children pulled a rope that lifted a harness-and-hard-hat-wearing June and me high into the air. On the...

july 4th parade 2019
July 09, 2019

Jumping into July

We had another amazing 4th of July celebration at Mercy Commons Covenant Church this year. As has been our tradition, we keep it simple and fun with a few bounce houses, freezies, and cold water...

daniel lukas
June 26, 2019

Meet Our New Pastor, Daniel Lukas

Welcome! First off, should we call you “Daniel” or “Dan”? Daniel. I used to go by “Danny” through high school. When I graduated, I thought it was too childish and asked others to simply call...

God Likes Us
April 17, 2019

IF:Gathering 2019

I don’t have time for God. Yes, I said it out loud. I feel horrible and ashamed writing that statement. But God already knows my heart and how I feel sometimes; I cannot hide. He...

never pray for patience
April 05, 2019

Never Pray for Patience

“You should never pray for patience,” a good friend once told me, “because if you do, God will really give you something to be patient for. This was meant half-jokingly, of course, and has since...

leading worship
March 27, 2019

Sometimes I Feel Nothing

It’s not uncommon for me to get emotional while leading a song or sharing something from my heart during our worship services at Mercy Commons. Music has always been a primary mode of expression for...