Christmas Traditions

gingerbread house

Our family loves traditions. Okay, maybe it’s mostly that I LOVE traditions, but I think my love is rubbing off on them! There are lots of events that come around year after year – all throughout the year – that we look forward to.

gingerbread house makingIt seems like the month of December holds the most traditions. You all probably have little moments that mark time. Sharing those with family and friends make them even more special and memorable.

One of the many traditions during Christmastime is our church’s Christmas Party. We love it, because it isn’t just an ordinary church party. We come and gather around the tables to share a feast of Swedish meatballs.

But that is just the beginning! With all the children waiting anxiously, we pull out the gingerbread house supplies. Mountains of sugary icing have been made and prepared with love, and they await the graham cracker base and bowls and bowls of candy. It is a sight to behold!

My kids shared with me that their favorite parts of the night were:

gingerbread house“Putting my house together and decorating it!”

“Making the house, of course!”


Brent and I both agree that our favorite part of the night is watching our kids creating and the joy of seeing the homes come together. We also love seeing growth in the kids year after year, as they start to be able to come up with their own designs. The kids’ joy is contagious!

We are thankful for a community that loves on the littlest ones. We know that we will look forward to this sweet tradition again next year!


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