Come to Family Camp, Y’all!

family camp

I grip the rope tightly, close my eyes and jump. I feel a swoosh of air, my stomach drops and then I splash into the water. I lift my hands up high and sing as the worship music fills the lakeside chapel. I am covered in face paint and mud as I run as fast as I can during an outdoor game.

Summer camp for many of us brings back a flood of memories. Hopefully, mostly happy ones with a few awkward adolescent ones mixed in. Mercy Commons Covenant Church has a deep connection with Covenant Pines Bible Camp located in McGregor, MN. Ask around church, and you will find people who have attended as kids, adults and some who worked there too. Regardless of whether you have a history with this particular camp, a different church camp or none at all, carving out four days this summer will undoubtedly bring you closer to God’s creation and church fellowship.

We are going as a church family from August 9-12 and are inviting everyone to attend along with their family and friends. There are several different styles of accommodations, from deluxe to rustic, and meals are included with the cost. There’s even an option to tent or trailer camp on site and make some or all of your own meals if you’re looking to save money.

Family camp also comes with access to many activities such as the ropes course, swimming beach, climbing wall, rope swing and arts and craft hall. Chapel is held twice daily and there is a dynamic speaker named Eric Iverson that weekend.

Check out the website for more information and to register:

You can also read more about the Markson family’s experience last summer here:

So come to family camp, y’all! Hope to see you there!


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