Doing Life Together

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We started our journey as a Life Group over five years ago as a mix of singles and newlyweds. In the beginning, our meetings would be spent leisurely discussing Scripture and our lives in the fireside room or occasionally over food and drinks. We have covered a variety of topics of a spiritual, social and political nature. We have read though whole books of the Bible, following a more structured Bible study series, and more often than not discussed spiritual topics close to our hearts. Over the years, the group has gained and lost some members through natural means such as job transfers, marriage or migrating to a different church home.

We have started traditions such as an annual Thanksgiving dinner with prime rib instead of turkey, monthly backyard BBQs in the summer and providing gifts for deserving kids at Christmas.

We have prayed for each other over the losses of grandparents, sickness of family and friends, professional decisions and the ordinary daily struggles. We have celebrated with each other during promotions, graduations, professional successes, homes purchased, babies born, engagements and weddings.

Our group has added four children, and now our time is focused around a table sharing a meal and discussing a spiritual topic before we race home for bedtime. Life is very different these days, and our Life Group has adapted in the most beautiful way. Life Groups are a living, breathing, evolving embodiment of the mission of our church.

If you are interested in joining a current Life Group or starting a new one, please fill out the form on the Life Group page or contact Aaron at


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