Freezes, Balloons, 4th of July, Oh My!

Edina 4th of July parade

This year’s heavily-attended 4th of July celebration was blast for all involved! For years, this congregation has opened up our building and our hearts to the community during the Edina 4th of July parade that runs right in front of our church.

parade balloonsVolunteers from Mercy Commons Covenant Church also did an amazing job painting faces, applying glitter tattoos, and constructing balloon animals! Not to mention the two giant bounce houses that were a huge smash for the throngs of kids passing by. We were overwhelmed with many a heartfelt “thank you” for free bathrooms, water, and freezes.

I can’t tell you how many times people tried to pay us and were blown away by the gift of a cool treat on a scorching day. Not to mention a clean bathroom to use for all the small children and pregnant women in attendance. Jesus commands us to do works along with our faith; give water to the thirsty and rest to the weary. These simple acts allow us to follow the word of God right at our front door.

Edina 4th of JulyThis event was also the perfect occasion to present our new church name, with a new sign and logo to welcome visitors. As newly-minted Mercy Commons Covenant Church, we want to convey to our neighbors that we are a vibrant and growing congregation.

We as a church community are so blessed to have this annual opportunity to show our neighborhoods who we are – a church that loves Jesus and a group of people who are on the way, growing in our walk with Christ. We do this simply by being present and active in the community and showing God’s love through kindness, generosity, and hospitality.

Again, a huge thank you for all who volunteered. We can’t wait to see you next year!


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