From Gripes to Gratitude

traffic jam


’Tis the season to give thanks, but why other than for our national holiday? Simple, because God specifically asks us to.

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

While thanking God for all our blessings is for His glory, it is also His desire for us to be fulfilled by His gifts—for good reason too. Research has shown that gratitude directly counteracts stress, depression and anxiety. Being grateful for God’s blessing is good for us!

One way to do this is by taking whatever is currently causing us stress and turning it on its head. Example: piles of laundry to do; an abundance of clothing to wear. Deadline at work; job to support ourselves. Traffic jam; safe roads to drive on. House is a mess; a place to call home with a plethora of possessions.

Being mindful of the blessings that God has given us is another way for us to be in constant communication with Him. He loves us and wants us to enjoy the blessings He has given us, so let’s work on honoring that command this Thanksgiving season.

So now I will practice what I preach. I will take the stress I was feeling about writing an article on thankfulness and practice being thankful for a wonderful church community I am able to write for. Deep breath. “Thank you Lord.” Smile. OK, I am feeling better already.


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