Kenyon College Chamber Singers Concert at Mercy Commons

Kenyon College Chamber Singers

Going into my first year at Kenyon College, there was really only one thing I was sure I wanted to do: join the Chamber Singers. As many of you from church may know, I’ve grown up my whole life singing – in school choirs, church, musicals, the shower, etc. – so I’ve always felt as though music is one of the most powerful ways to join together as a community and to connect with spirituality.

Every year, the Kenyon College Chamber Singers, under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Locke, travel on a week-long tour where we perform at churches and synagogues across the country. In previous years, we have travelled to the East Coast and Southeast regions. This year, we have the immense pleasure of traveling around the Midwest!

When I heard we were coming to Minneapolis, I immediately thought of Mercy Commons Covenant Church. For the past ten years, Mercy Commons has been a very important place for me. I grew up in this community and grew as a result of the love and support that was given to me through our church.

The opportunity to bring these two things together is a blessing. Kenyon College has become my home, and I am beyond excited to share a piece of that with the Mercy Commons church community.

This tour is an incredible opportunity for students to connect with different communities and groups of people. Everyone’s favorite part of tour is getting to meet all the different people we stay with. The generosity of the churches and families that host the choir is always touching and it inspires us to create wonderful music.

The power and passion that music brings is always incredibly evident on these tours. I hope I get to see many familiar faces at our concert at Mercy Commons on March 5th at 7 p.m. We can’t wait!


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