Let’s Talk Now



Sometimes when I go to my doctor, I’m afraid she will say that I’m wasting her time, like my presenting condition is obviously not a big deal and needs to be treated with rest and orange juice. Of course, this never happens. Even when I have made a mountain out of a mole-hill (or cancer out of a mole!), she’s not upset. It’s her job to care for me even when my only problem is hypochondria.

In the same way my doctor cares for my physical body, I want to care for your spiritual life. Just as I don’t need to be concerned about wasting my doctor’s time, you don’t need to worry about wasting my time. You’re always better off calling, texting, or emailing me than ignoring small spiritual symptoms that need addressing.

You know that question tickling the back of your mind? You know that slight sense of conviction in your belly?  You know that recurring thought of, “I’ve got to stop doing that?” Let’s talk.

Please don’t wait until that tickling thought has become a spiritual crisis. Please don’t wait until slight conviction becomes vomiting conviction. Please don’t wait until you’re completely addicted and helpless. But know that if you are, I will come with you through that as well.

It’s far easier to deal with the normal spiritual ups and downs we all face than to leave them until they become Stage 4 Cancer Issues. Let’s talk now.


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