renewal blossoms


As the trees around us transform from their bare and seemingly lifeless winter state into the vibrant color and fragrance of spring, I am reminded of God’s intention to make all things new.

When we commit our lives to Jesus and His ways, we enter into a lifelong journey of renewal. We experience this renewal personally and together when we follow Christ’s moral standard, engage in spiritual disciplines, and embrace lifelong spiritual growth.

10 years ago, this church body made a life-saving decision to enter into a season of renewal. Rather than call it quits, the people of this church took on willingness to change. To be renewed. The very culture of our church has been transformed into the community we are now. We have a unified vision and mission. We have a renewed sense of direction and a set of values to guide us.

On April 3, we voted to do business as Mercy Commons Covenant Church. We view this change as an outward reflection of the inward renewal that is happening here. We are proud of the unique characteristics that set us apart from other churches. We think we have something special to offer those looking to connect with God and others, grow deeper in Christ, and become absorbed in His mission.

We believe this change will help us to reach more people. Renewal is at the heart of the Gospel. We want to share our story of renewal and invite others into that story. We want to share the Good News.


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