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Daniel Lukas


daniel lukasDaniel Lukas has been working in full time ministry for more than 15 years, and he brings with him a wide variety of experiences, including Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Creative Director and Associate Pastor.

As part of his ministry, Daniel has mentored, promoted, and empowered others. He developed effective ministry teams, released seven records of original music, and published two books on prayer for the church.

Daniel has followed Jesus as long as he can remember and believes his whole life has been a spiritual pilgrimage of conversion. This conversion involves living each day by faith in Jesus, who loved and gave himself up for us. As part of Daniel’s call to ministry, he is led to cultivate God’s love in people around him by telling God’s story, inviting people to follow Jesus with their lives, and helping people learn to pray. Daniel has found that how we practice what we believe is as important as what we believe.

Daniel grew up in the Twin Cities and enjoys making and drinking coffee, reading, writing, and making mellow electronic music. He tries to start everyday watching the sunrise.

Aaron Markson

Associate Pastor

Aaron MarksonWorshiping God is a life-long commitment that is best lived out in community.

I aim to point people to God, not just in song, but in all aspects of life. Usually that means getting out of the way. Leading worship has very little to do with what I can do and has everything to do with what God can do through me.

While I believe that worship goes way beyond musical form, a 30-minute time frame and a church building, there is something special about gathering regularly to sing together. Singing brings people together. It builds bridges. It reminds us of the hope we stake our claim in. It blurs out our differences and clarifies our similarities.

I love serving and being served by a community that values authenticity with one another and with God. It allows us to worship more honestly and express ourselves more freely in all circumstances and seasons.

I care deeply about the people I serve, and strive to know intimately the God we worship together. My family and I are blessed to be a part of Mercy Commons Covenant Church.

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