Tanzania Wisdom Tour

Ben Swanson in Tanzania

On February 12th, I will be traveling with my Dad (Larry) to Tanzania for two weeks. This will be my fourth trip and his first.

This trip comes out of our church’s relationship with COSAD (Community Solutions for African Development) through Nsheka “Smart” Baitani. Our relationship began six or so years ago when the Imuka Singers performed at our church.The following year several of us visited Bukoba Tanzania to explore the future of our personal and institutional relationship.

Our church was instrumental in the establishment of the COSAD Clinic which serves over 200 patients every week.  We’ve partnered with their One Woman One Goat program which has loaned countless goats out to deserving women who need a hand up out of grinding poverty and into profitable herding. Just 18 months ago we traveled with the youth to Tanzania! Many of you have given to these efforts and a couple of you give to COSAD directly and regularly. Thank you!

Our agenda this year is quite open but our purpose is crystal clear. We will dwell with the people engaged with COSAD, hear their stories, and learn about their experiences. We will pray for wisdom in order to ask the right questions. Along the way, we will be assessing the systems COSAD is using in order to build up the communities it serves. We will be asking:  How can we be more effective? How can we leverage the strength of the current programs? Can we reach deeper into more vulnerable communities and wider into more villages? Are there ways we can deepen our involvement and partnership?

Please pray for us while we are gone.


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