What’s the Right Way to Walk Through Lent?

Reading the Bible


For many people, Lent involves fasting – taking 40 days to kick that social media addiction, or make a dietary change and sacrifice sugar or caffeine. For others, Lent is a time to take on an additional commitment, like adopting a new prayer habit or scheduling two hours of volunteer work each week. Lent is also a great time to dig deep into a passage of Scripture, meditating on a specific Psalm or Gospel. In preparing our hearts and minds for the approaching Easter celebration, we must ground ourselves first in Jesus’ life, death, and suffering. What’s the right way to walk this path?

This year at Mercy Commons, we have a specific response to this question: the right way to experience Lent is to walk through this season together, as a church family. This desire for congregational connection throughout the Lenten season is the reason for our Lenten Devotionals, which can be found on our website or by subscribing to the Mercy Commons podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Each Wednesday and Friday between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, we’re posting a new audio devotional. Each episode is quick – between 3 and 8 minutes – but it provides a regular opportunity to hear from the Mercy Commons family and connect with God and each other through Scripture readings and prayer. Over the course of this season, we’re reading excerpts from the Gospels, following the story of Jesus’ ministry from his earliest sermons to his suffering and death on the cross. Each episode also features a devotional response from a variety of Christian writers and a closing prayer. Additionally, the podcast offers an opportunity to get to know a bit about the people in our church. Each day’s devotional is read and introduced by a different member of our congregation.

This time around, the goal has been to keep the project simple. We wanted it to be a quick but regular touch point that involved a lot of church members and provided a dose of Scripture, prayer, and connection. It’s also a great way for our church to explore different ways to use the podcast and connect with church-goers throughout the week. We’re interested in seeing how this endeavor might continue to develop after Easter.

If you haven’t yet listened to an episode, it’s not too late to catch up! Or, start with this week’s devotionals and join us as we enter Holy Week and head toward Easter morning. Also, please send us a note at info@mercycommons.org to share your thoughts on what you hear! We’d love to hear what ideas or hopes you have for future recordings.

However you choose to experience Lent this year, we pray you feel God’s presence and the presence of a church family throughout this season of reflection.


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