Winter Can be Hard

winter trees


Have a case of cabin fever? Struggling with seasonal affective disorder? Tired of our long and cold Minnesota winters? Call it what you may, but winter can be hard.

Don’t get me wrong; our beautiful Minnesota winters can be great. Especially if you proactively get outside and partake in the many activities we have to choose from. Most of us desire to be active in the winter months, but with the busyness of life, jobs, social lives and of course family, it’s hard.

While cabin fever isn’t a diagnosable medical condition, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is, and both are due to lack of sunlight. Shorter days and being indoors all day are the causes. There are many professional ways to treat these conditions and symptoms from a health perspective.

However, I have chosen to write about how this cold and dark season may affect us spiritually. In the very beginning of the Bible (Gen. 1:3) God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. For most of my life, I have related—and still do—to God’s desire for us to have childlike faith (Matt. 18:3). Children are innocent, stripped of doubt and sin, and have faith in the little they know as truth. In the same simplicity, I believe God uses the example of light and darkness to be as clear and contrasting to us. The lack of light is darkness. And in darkness lives warfare. Darkness wants you to stay in darkness and not experience the Light.

As we all know, light is hard to cover. It seeps through every crack, and it takes a very little amount to guide us through the darkest of alleys. Though we are undeserving, Jesus is THAT light … thanks be to God. He is our eternal Light and promises that He will never forsake us. As the easy and hard seasons of life come and go, literally and figuratively, Jesus is always there as our Light—light of love, support, friendship and protection. Seek Him and He will be the light unto our path.

In the same way children are afraid of the dark, adults deal with those feelings too. Ours may be due to winter, struggles in life, etc., but we must remember that Jesus is our flame that will never go out. Sometimes God’s Word speaks to us in simple and uncomplicated terms [like light and dark]. I don’t believe this is by coincidence.

So get outdoors, get sunlight and experience God’s presence in all that He has created! At the same time, cling to your Savior and embrace his Light. He lights our paths in all seasons of life.

Checkout this link for a Blogpost of scripture references I found while reflecting on the topic of battling times of darkness: Coping With Seasonal Affective Disorder as a Christian.


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